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Something about the sight of a lovingly cooked paella fills us with happiness. That moment when the hot twin-handled pan is set down at the centre of the table, ready to be shared among family and friends, encapsulates the joy of communal Spanish eating. That’s why we’re such fans of this wonderful Instagram account by chef David Montero, which is dedicated to the art of cooking paellasrices (and the occasional fideuà).

David was born and bred in Valencia, the spiritual home of paella, and most mornings you can find him in the city’s great cathedral of fresh food, the Mercado Central, chatting to his favourite vendors and selecting ingredients for the day ahead.  David is a master of the traditional rice dishes of the region such as paella valenciana, arroz a banda and arroz al horno. But he also likes to experiment with less conventional recipes. The results often leave us drooling over our smartphones. Here’s a little taste of his repertoir!

For info more, check out David’s Instagram, Facebook and website: Rice & Paella.


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