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Rice with Jerusalem artichoke, fennel, squids and eggplant
Tipo de Receta: Rice
Hello, before I have to say that I came up with this recipe because my twin brother José, with whom I live, came to have dinner to my house with his friend Giorgia and prepared a spectacular salad with fennel, you can follow her on Instagram (@Healthy_cuddles). So my head started to think about making rice with fennel and the next day I went to Valencia’s Central Market and the fennel was there with its characteristics long stems. In order to give it another texture, I add it sunroot (known as Jerusalem artichoke), it is a root tuber with a very particular taste. I though making an infusion with the fennel and the sunroot to get a different broth that later I will mix with the fish soup, with some stir-fry squids and an eggplant to give it that final touch, so I started to work!
  • 1 kilogram of rice
  • 2 fennels
  • 2 sunroot (Jerusalem artichoke)
  • 1 eggplant
  • 7 medium size squids
  • Extra virgin oil, salt
  • Peppers
  • Saffron
  • 4 garlics
  • Fish soup
  • Fennel and sunroot broth
  • Much love
  1. The first thing we are going to do is pour the oil in a big pan (the one that is used to cook paella) and distribute it very well
  2. Turn on the stove at medium heat, when the pan is hot add the eggplant that we have previously cut in dices and salted it, and when it is very brown let’s move it to the ends of the pan.
  3. Now we add the fennel that we have previously boiled with the sunroot, we salt it and when it shows a little more color we move it to the ends of the pan
  4. It is time to add the sunroot, that we have previously boiled, removed the skin with a peeler and cut in slices. We salt it and when it is more cooked we move it to the ends of the pan, be careful that it is not stick to the pan, because it will make the rice to stick it too.
  5. We add the squids that we already cleaned and cut in fine rings, we add salt and when they start jumping we know they are ready so we move it to the ends of the pan.
  6. Let’s add the garlics cut in slices until they’re brown and then move it to the ends of the pan.
  7. Now, we have to lower the heat to the minimum, let’s add saffron, peppers and continuously stirring we also add the tomato that we have grated until all the water is dry and it is very fried.
  8. We add the rice, and continue cooking for a few minutes.
  9. It is time to add the broths, for this rice we are going to put half fish soup and the other half of fennel and sunroot. We pour the broths until we reach the second rivet of the pan, the quantity of broth is always twice as rice, we taste it to see if it’s good with salt or if we need to add more.
  10. We turn up the heat to the maximum; stir the rice very well during the first five minutes, lower the heat to medium for the next 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes lower the heat to the minimum.
  11. We let it sit and after that it is ready to eat,
  12. Have a nice meal!



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