Clandestine Paella Vine


In this occasion, 14 guests had the privilege to attend to Clandestine Paella.

It took place in Vine Restaurant, where the Chef Alejandro Rodriguez and David Montero merged their gastronomy to surprise the guests. Where will be the next appointment? Do you dare?

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The typical Sunday Paella has come to an end… well ok that’s an exaggeration, but we have to admit that, as much as we like the typical Sunday Paella with our relatives and friends, at the end one get tired and want to have new food experiences. This is exactly what I’m proposing you to do, to have a different Sunday, among good food, nice people and a little mystery and morbid curiosity. What else can you ask for?

The procedure is easy, you just have to enter the website to check the dates and make a reservation, you will receive the confirmation of your registration, but you won’t know any more details until the day before the event, the location is a secret. You will share this experience with no more than 14 strangers, as fans as like you or more to enjoy a good food and with desire to meet new people. In order to keep the mystery, avoid the formation of small groups so you can really get to know all the attendants, the only rule is that only a maximum of 2 people that know each other can go.

The day before you will receive a message with time, an approximate location of where the event is going to be and the password that you shouldn’t forget and it will be your key to entering the event. The same day you will receive the location, in our case the chosen place couldn’t be more appropriate, the Vine Restaurant. It is located in Alfonso el Magnánimo Square, it’s a place specialized in wines with a great wine cellar with the option to buy the wine too. The decoration is modest but well planned, mixing the traditional elements with contemporary ones to create a warming environment necessary to make the restaurant an ideal place for meetings and private celebrations.

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Clandestine Paella
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