How to get more followers on Instagram


Here we provide you a post from our friends  Publicidad en la Nube.

Where they give some advices, how to rank and techniques that will be very useful.

Thank you for putting us as an example.

Getting more followers on Instagram is every day getting more repercussion, due to the fast growing that this social network is having.

The numbers prove it, since the last data shows that Instagram has reached 500 million users. A number considered impossible a few months ago.

Some accounts that will be good to inspire you

It never hurts to be inspired by accounts that are already a referent or are making great strategies.

In order you can use these strategies to earn more followers on Instagram, I’ve compiled a series of accounts. Now let’s get into it:

Zoumala.  It’s a whole phenomenon when it comes to capturing, in a snapshot, the different moods that we face daily. Also, if you like the design, you’ll like this account.

Jamonaddiction. With the name you can tell what is about. Ham lovers, the “best seafood of the world”, you have to follow this account.

Ricepaella. Simple, very simple. If you are in love with the paella, like me, this account from a young Valencian man won’t be unnoticed by you. Just for the look of the rice it deserves to be followed. By the way, if you want a clandestine paella, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him. He will delight you.

Earn followers on Instagram ricepaella.



FitHappySister. This young couple received one day the knock on the door by the magazine Women’s Health, because of the great job they were doing, and their lives changed.

Focused on the healthy nutrition field, their followers are many and don’t stop earning more followers.

Fernando Cebolla. If you like the “iger” style, Fernando is your guy. This man from Zaragoza, blogger and Instagram enthusiast, has pictures of himself looking inspired, taken in any place of his beautiful city.

Lacepass. This restaurant located in San Sebastian will leave you wanting to eat their recipes because of the delicious plate they show in their gallery. Their “tapas” are a classic, but you have to be careful, they are not suitable for diets!

That said if you want to follow both Carlos and me, I leave you our accounts so you can take a look to a nature lover and a sport lover. Carlos’ account is @cminana and mine is @chris_gar.

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