Here we have a story that was made by CulturPlaza for our clandestine event.

You don’t know the menu completely, you don’t who your tablemates will be, neither the place, which is normally revealed with short time in advance and with a secret password. The mystery and the secret is the success of this new form of dinner that is having a huge impact in Europe.

VALENCIA. The economic crisis in Spain has caused that many businessmen dedicate much more to the restoration and gastronomy business, with inventiveness and creativity, for clients that are tired of the same bars and restaurants, as well as the highest prices and their poor service. The trend for the restaurants or clandestine gastronomic events has come to Valencia by the hand of “Clandestine Cooking”. This model has his origin in Cuba and Argentina, where the amateur chefs offered dinners and meals in their own houses. Even though in Spain this gastronomic modality is having trouble to adapt it in the market, in Europe this trend came in 2009 in London as a solution to the crisis.

In the gastronomic world there is always something new to tell. In Valencia there is a project that is having popularity thanks to its innovative concept. It is the Valencian Company “Clandestine Cooking”, the idea is from David Montero, and short after his twin brother, José Montero and another man named David Izquierdo, joined to his project. “We started in 2015 and we began a little bit ago to create the gastronomic events, and honestly, the reaction is being overwhelmed”, states José. As he explains very well, the clients are increasingly looking for different options, they want to discover something really unique and within the reach of very few. “The essential part is the morbid excitement that generates to the client not knowing what is going to happen or who are you going to meet,” says José.

In this platform the locations are placed in particular houses, lounges, stores, restaurants that go unnoticed to people. The best of these places is their exclusivity and privacy, unlike the rest of conventional places. In “Clandestine Cooking” they request a secret password in order to access to the location. “We’re continuously playing with our customers with emails or texts so they can guess the place and the last day we give them the password,” explains David, that ensures that an environment different to the rest is created. They are special and unique locations, a private place with long tables for 15 people. “The condition to enter here is that only two people can know each other, the rest must be strangers, that is the game,” admits José-

In “Clandestine Cooking” everything is a mystery, until the moment to start the meal or dinner. You will not know where and what are you having for dinner. The client just has to do a reservation through the website and the subsequent days will receive information. “The customer and the rest of tablemates meets us there, because they are not our clients, we treat this matter like a dinner with friends,” states David, who explains that once they get in, each and every one introduces themselves in front of the rest to establish new relationships. “It is a good way to meet new people and enjoy a different gastronomic environment,” says the three of them.

The meal, which price goes from 40 to 50 euros, it is based always in products of the season coming from the Valencia’s Central Market. “We usually cook typical dishes from Valencia but always trying to innovate with other products and with the decoration, like cooking paella in a ceramic,” says David. The appetizers usually are Iberian assortments and the main dishes are rice and lobsters.

“Currently we have a space reserved for the glamour and discretion, which is Clandestine LESARTS. There, the gourmet menus will blow your mind in a burst of flavor while you are in one of the best views of Valencia”, says José, who states that this space is designed for only 12 people.

There is no doubt that Valencia is growing, when you think about going out to dinner, the concept of going to a relevant or centric place is not the only one. Do you feel like having a different evening surrounded by the typical Valencian gastronomy? Dreams do come true and in Clandestine they offer you a different way to enjoy their service. “Normally, these type of business is not promoted, it just takes advantage of the communication among the people, but we wanted to benefit from the fact that many brands wanted to be part of this project”, says José, who assures that the investment in this platform was minimal, since he has an audiovisual company, David Izquierdo made the website and the design because he studied telecommunications and David Montero who’s a professional chef and is in charge of the event.

LESARTS is not the only collaboration they have in hands. The Singular Kitchen, a kitchen’s brand, is going to be part of this singular project. “We talked with them, seeing their incredible kitchens made by Rubén and we proposed to start a collaboration that will see the benefits very soon in a way of several clandestine and singular projects”, says José.

What happens when we joined creativity, gastronomy and ceramic? It is born the next huge gastronomic and social event that will be done in the week of fails: Clandestine Paella. “In this occasion the fifteen people who will attend the event will know that the menu includes rice. However, the rice will be innovative, made with high quality products”, says David Montero the professional chef of the business. The activity of the event has its dynamic moment, and that is that David teaches you how to cook paella live and served in a very original tile-plate, while you enjoy a delicious appetizer. Mystery, flavor, connections, do you dare to do it?


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