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This new was made for us by our friends of Valencia Culture

“Clandestine Paella” comes, the fusion between mystery and gastronomy.

One date, one time, one unknowing location and fourteen people who you don’t know. Interesting isn’t it? This is what “Clandestine Paella” offer to us, and event where you can expand your circle of friend while you eat an extraordinary Paella (note: it will not always be a Valencian Paella, and the different variations will surprise you) in an amazing and unique location, so different to what you are used to.

The process is simple: you go to their website where you can find the calendar with their next events and the possibility to make a reservation. You will receive the confirmation of your registration, but you won’t have any more details until 24-48 hours before the event, where you will receive the exact location of the meeting. You just have to follow one simple rule: no more than two people that know each other can be in the meal.

The secret of “Clandestine Paella” is that they offer a new method to socialize with stranger people while you eat the most typical plate of our land with variations that you probably don’t know. Besides, the product will be high quality, with the ingredients bought in Valencia’s Central Market, and the Chef will made the rice according to the products of the season. The activity has its didactic moment, because you will learn how to cook the Paella of the day while you enjoy a delicious appetizer, and also you can take the recipe with you to your home so you can surprise your loved ones.

The menu of Clandestine Paella is:

  • Welcome drink
  • Cold appetizer while the chef is cooking the rice/paella
  • Entrée according to the season
  • Main course “Rice of the season”
  • Dessert
  • Coffee, tea, or other.
  • Glass
  • Includes the beverage

We were able to attend one “Clandestine Paella” and we were delighted. We had the pleasure to meet very interesting people (in this case we were all working in the media) and taste an extraordinary paella made with pumpkin, squids and onion. As weird as may sound, one of the best paellas that we had the opportunity to try.

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