Cava Siglos and Rice Paella, perfect fusion in Carmen Neighborhood


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Valencia Culture:

WARNING: this article may hurt feelings the people who are paella purists. If you are the one who thinks that “rice with other stuffs is not paella”, continue reading and open your mind. Because in Cava Siglos they had the amazing idea of counting with Rice Paella (also known as David Montero) as a guest chef, just like they call it.

Cava Siglos is a restaurant located in Caballeros Street in Valencia. With a modern aesthetic, good wine selection and good taste with the gin tonics, it is a restaurant where the commensal feels like home thanks to the good treat of the manager, Ismael

Rice Paella is… how is Rice Paella? We can call Rice Paella a crazy, goofy, mad man, but we prefer to say he’s a genius. Only he knows how to fusion paellas with very strange flavors getting an extraordinary result. Have you ever consider making paella with Jägermeister? I bet you haven’t. But he has considered it and the result was amazing.

Rice Paella is one of the Valencian people more active in social media. His good taste for the photography has taken his Instagram and Twitter accounts to be a must follow, because he gets your imagination to fly when you some of his creations. In fact, watching the pictures of his rice, is impossible not wanting to try those dishes.

What have Cava Siglos and Rice Paella done? Simple. They have mix together, making this restaurant to be one of the must visit in Valencia. Not in vain, is very frequent to see it always full of people. Because it’s worth it.

But the fusion between Cava Siglos and Rice Paella didn’t just result in a variety of exotic rice dishes, but there is so much more. Because eating in Cava Siglos, from the first entrée to the last piece of meal, is a whole experience that we have to live. And it’s very affordable, of course, especially for being located in Carmen Neighborhood. You can find Cava Siglos located 50 meters from The Virgin Square.