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Ricepaella Experience:

– Central Market Tour.-

Here starts the Ricepaella experience; we will begin in the Central Market of Valencia that groups almost 300 small traders who occupy 1,219 positions created originally. It is the largest European center dedicated to the specialty of fresh products; its design and structure gives it a special magic. We will know firsthand their sellers and the best seasonal products to cook the authentic Paella Valenciana or a creative seasonal rice.

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Authentic Paella Valenciana Workshop, Seasonal or traditional creative rice. 

We will go to a school near the Central Market of Valencia, once there we will put on the apron and start the workshop.

You will learn the culinary techniques of the rice, its varieties, tricks, tips and all the steps to elaborate an authentic Paella Valenciana or a creative rice of season. We will have a pleasant and fun time.

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-It includes:

Tour Central Market, Authentic Paella Valenciana Workshop, creative or traditional rice, appetizer, drink, salad and seasonal dessert.

Price per person: 50€

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